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Our clients wanted the tallest apartment buildings in the greater Moncton area, with the best view, with large, open concept layouts.

They also wanted underground parking and storage for 75% of the occupants. Oh, and they wanted to fit as many of these buildings on their land as possible.


Standard wood construction buildings are limited to 4-stories in height, and large open areas need deep & expensive floor systems. So wood was not an option.

The solution was flat-plate concrete design, with a 20’ grid of concrete columns. This allowed us to go 6-stories high, without the restrictions of bearing walls. This meant real interesting and open room layouts with terrific views from all around. The structural columns were integrated into the basement level to create parking & storage. The underground parking meant less outdoor parking required, allowing us to maximize the building lot to fit 3 of these buildings.

Most local apartments up to this point were standard wood construction, with somewhat standard layouts. Without the constraints of bearing walls and short floor spans, we were able to create a different living space, with interesting rooms, which better resemble that of a custom home. Plus, the panoramic views of Greater Moncton from the 5th & 6th floors alone are inspiring.

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