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To create a hip new frozen yogurt shop, with an interesting floor layout, and a fresh, colourful décor package.

By the time we came aboard, the owners had already hired 2 seasoned frozen yogurt consultants from California, had visited several frozen yogurt places in the US and had a good idea of what they wanted their first location to look like. All they needed was a little guidance.


The Gojis team members all had great ideas on how they wanted this concept to look & feel like. The challenge was extracting these ideas and incorporating them all into a fully working end product.

Designing a floor layout into an existing building is always challenging. You have to incorporate existing elements into your concept, such as window/door locations, electrical panels, structural members and overall footprint. You also have to deal with adding the proper fire rating if adjacent to other tenants. To make matters worse, different jurisdictions have different views on the Building Code, so every location is a new challenge.

The fact that we started from a one-off design in Dieppe NB, to helping a great team develop a winning franchise, was certainly inspiring.

Not long after the second location was built, we started standardising our drawing package to ensure that these could be built anywhere in Canada, by different contractors, while ensuring the brand image remained constant. At the time of writing this, we’re currently working on our 10th Gojis location.

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