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Hotel Shediac



In 2012, we were hired to design a 60-room, 6-storey 4.5 star luxury hotel, with all amenities, including a large reception area, meeting rooms, pool, spa & gym.

The original Hotel Shediac, built in 1853 was a landmark in the area, with famous guests like Bob Hope and the Queen of England.


Fitting this big building, with all associated parking on the available lot was certainly one of several challenges. Originally we were counting on underground parking, however to save on structural costs, the pool was placed down there.

This created another problem, as the client was hoping for natural light in the pool area. We solved this by extending the foundation beyond the main floor and adding a glass roof to allow natural light to come in.

Honouring the spirit of the original Hotel Shediac was an issue of pride for our team. With the help of old pictures found in the archives, we established some of the notable design cues we wanted to incorporate into our new building’s exterior; peaked center parapet, restaurant ‘bump-out’ above main entrance, full balcony, awnings as well as the same general window layout.

The new Hotel boasts a St. James’s Gate restaurant, Starbucks coffee shop, sweeping staircase, pool, spa as well as long-stay luxury suites, all set in a modern-victorian theme.

171 Lutz Street, Suite 203, moncton, NB, Canada E1C 5E8

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