We think and work as one.

We created Spitfire Design Co. with one specific goal – to rethink the angle of approach when it comes simplifying the construction process for commercial and residential developers. As the primary design and project management arm of Spitfire – we have created an unique client experience that gives you three integrated Spitfire companies that work and think as one (Design, Architecture & Engineering).

From our perspective we’re constantly looking for ways to increase efficiencies, lower project costs and pass those along to our clients. As a client you decide the experience that works best for you.

“Developing internal systems and processes to accelerate timelines, and eliminate unnecessary stress for our clients has been the key to our success.”

Denis Arsenault

Principal – Spitfire Design Co.



Project Inception / Design Consultation
Feasibility / Schematic Design
Conceptual Design
Presentation / Marketing Material
Interior/Exterior3D Renderings incl. Virtual Reality
Building Code & Bylaw Reviews
Design Development
Acting as Prime Consultant
Design Coordination & Scheduling
Construction Drawings
Tender Packages
Written Specifications
Contract Administration


Multi-Residential Design
Commercial Buildings
Industrial Building Design
Office Spaces


Wood Frame
(stick built & panelized)
Steel Frame
Load-bearing masonry
Other Proprietary Specialty Systems

Our 7

‘Working and thinking as one’ is key to providing a value-driven experience for clients - and it requires that we consistently demonstrate what we refer to internally as Our 7 Non-Negotiables (Spitfire values we refuse to compromise):
1.We believe ‘tradition’ can never stand in the way of improvement.
2.We believe win-win solutions require transparency.
3.We believe an ‘environment of ownership’ inspires attachment.
4.We believe leaving ‘ego’ at the door creates a competitive advantage.
5.We believe the easier the process, the faster you grow.
6.We believe clients lose when we become order takers.
7.We believe the experience is even more important than the deliverable.

Denis Arsenault

President / Founder, Spitfire Design Co

Denis leads Spitfire Design Co. based in Moncton, New Brunswick with an on-the-ground team of Design Talent, Technologists and Project Managers serving commercial and residential developers throughout Atlantic Canada. Denis created Spitfire Design Co. in 2013 with a focus on eliminating duplication, and improving workflow and costing efficiencies for his clients.

Down-to-earth architectural expertise bringing client driven designs to life.

An integrated team of engineers ensuring designs don’t get hung up on the ground.