July 5, 2021

Developers Don’t Have Time to Play ‘Connect-the-Dots’

Joe Pelletier

Operations Manager

Once it’s gone you can’t get it back – wasted time, frustrated time, wheel spinning time, red-in-the face time, red tape time, bottle neck time, can’t get an answer time, won’t pick up the phone time – LOST TIME is a project killer.

At Spitfire we decided years ago to rethink our angle of approach and create what we refer to as our signature ‘wingman experience’. Going the extra mile may not sound unique – but our commitment to managing the project on behalf of commercial and residential developers, coordinating tasks and completion dates, and providing communication platforms that keep everyone connected – has become a game changer.

It’s why we believe the experience is even more important than the deliverable.

Three keys that create success for developers and project stakeholders:

1. Collaboration as equal partners – with the spotlight on delivering for the client.

2. Transparency and inclusion in our communication platforms create shared accountability. Project stakeholders know what they’re accountable for – and the potential delay dropped balls may create. Developers are part of that communication hub, and as a result there is no ‘dreaded chain of silence’.

3. Anticipating and getting ahead of potential problems is also part of our DNA. Once we experience a problem, we create systems and repeatable solutions.

Why? Because once it’s gone you can’t get it back. Ask any commercial or residential building developer what they value even more than sticking to a budget, and most will have the same word on the tip of their tongue – TIME.

We work and think as one.

A team of frontline CAD Specialists with solutions for every budget.

Down-to-earth architectural expertise bringing client driven designs to life.

An integrated team of engineers ensuring designs don’t get hung up on the ground.