July 5, 2021

Driving Growth & Profitability for Residential Developers

Brandon O'Brien

Architectural Technologist

Regardless of your role within a team, when you’re able to appreciate the big picture – three things happen, if you’re driven to rock your category:

1. You appreciate the role and importance of everyone’s work.

2. You realize that creating efficiencies wins the day.

3. You dedicate your time to making it easier for the client to succeed.

When you make it easier for the client to grow, and free them from the things that typically hold developers back – we profit from referrals and return business.

Partners win, developers win, we win. It sounds like a simple premise – but there’s one hitch.

You need to be willing to eat last.

Putting the client first isn’t a mindset that you choose to take when it’s convenient – it’s a commitment you make, and there are days when it’s not fun.

It only works when project stakeholders are like-minded and focused on doing the unexpected to create success for developers. Especially in situations where some technologists, architects, engineers or trades professional might choose throw in the towel – or simply point fingers.

That might explain why it’s easier said than done.

We work and think as one.

A team of frontline CAD Specialists with solutions for every budget.

Down-to-earth architectural expertise bringing client driven designs to life.

An integrated team of engineers ensuring designs don’t get hung up on the ground.