July 5, 2021

Dropping Egos at the Door is a Win for Commercial Developers

Evan Melanson

Architectural Technologist

When you approach your profession, or area of expertise with the mindset that you shouldn’t be challenged by people who don’t share your credentials – the client typically loses. We’ve long believed that genuine collaboration helps commercial and residential developers avoid project delays and unnecessary cost overruns. A shared approach doesn’t always happen though – especially when there’s a project stakeholder who needs to have the spotlight turned their way.

It sometimes takes years to find project partners who consistently place the interests of the client before their own – but when it happens consistently it’s likely by design.

We work as one. We think as one. We win as one.

Like our partners – some of whom work as engineers, contractors, architects, trades people – all of us are aligned.

The win list for clients has been two-fold; 1) challenges are simplified when everyone is willing to go the extra and work as equals, and 2) the most economical path is taken when addressing unforeseen issues.

In fact, the rationale behind creating Spitfire Design, Spitfire Architecture & Spitfire Engineering was to ensure we deliver a consistent ‘wow’ experience for clients. We continue to partner with like-minded companies – but we leave nothing to chance when it comes to doing what’s right.

The bottom line, when you drop egos at the door? Shared respect, earned trust and willingness to find a better way forward.

We work and think as one.

A team of frontline CAD Specialists with solutions for every budget.

Down-to-earth architectural expertise bringing client driven designs to life.

An integrated team of engineers ensuring designs don’t get hung up on the ground.