We think and work as one.

We created Spitfire Engineering with one specific goal – to simplify the construction process for Spitfire clients, and give them the ability to experience a fully integrated team that ‘works and thinks as one’.

After working as partners for more than 10 years on a multitude of projects in Atlantic Canada – Moncton-based Spitfire Design Co. and Ottawa-based LRL Engineering officially put ‘engineering boots on the ground’ in Moncton, with the creation of a new subsidiary company called Spitfire Engineering.

We collaborate with you, and our Spitfire Design and Architecture teams to deliver the most efficient, technology-driven and cost effective electrical and mechanical design options.

“The ability to solve problems as an integrated team means we share the responsibility - and eliminate the finger pointing.”

Chris Robichaud
Spitfire Engineering



Building & Site Power Distribution
Emergency Power Distribution
Facility Assessments
Fire Alarm Systems
Complete Lighting & Related Systems
LEED Projects
Feasibility Studies
Central Heating & Cooling Plants
Building Automation


Multi-Residential Design
Commercial Buildings
Industrial Building Design
Office Spaces

Our 7

‘Working and thinking as one’ is key to providing a value-driven experience for clients - and it requires that we consistently demonstrate what we refer to internally as Our 7 Non-Negotiables (Spitfire values we refuse to compromise):
1.We believe ‘tradition’ can never stand in the way of improvement.
2.We believe win-win solutions require transparency.
3.We believe an ‘environment of ownership’ inspires attachment.
4.We believe leaving ‘ego’ at the door creates a competitive advantage.
5.We believe the easier the process, the faster you grow.
6.We believe clients lose when we become order takers.
7.We believe the experience is even more important than the deliverable.

Chris Robichaud

Principal – Spitfire Engineering

Chris leads Spitfire Engineering based in Moncton, New Brunswick with an on-the-ground team of electrical and mechanical engineers. Chris also serves as President of Spitfire Engineering’s parent company, Ottawa-based LRL Engineering in Ottawa, Ontario – which offers a comprehensive range of engineering services within Ontario, and other regions of Canada.

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