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Marc Ouelette


Spitfire checked every box for us.

We’re a ‘people-first’ company when it comes to taking care of our commercial and residential tenants, so we have a pretty high bar when it comes to finding partners that reflect our values.

When we made the decision to build our first multi-residential building, we talked to a lot of different people and Denis and his team were incredibly transparent in terms of the process. They play a key role in keeping everything on track, and enabling everyone to be accountable. The online platforms and ongoing communication they provide is a game changer.

One of the most impressive things we experienced during the design and building of our 45 Gordon St. apartments was Denis’ and his team’s ability to remove obstacles and solve problems. I now refer to him as ‘The Fixer’. The truth of the matter is that they really know their stuff and have created systems and processes with a ‘two-steps ahead’ mindset.

3 Key Differences that
I Experienced with Spitfire…

1.They pick up the phone, or call you back immediately any time of the day.
2.When a challenge or problem arises – they solve it.
3.Red-tape, jumping through hoops and delays are almost non-existent.

Client Stories

client stories
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“I ran into a problem one time where I couldn’t get changes approved, and somehow Spitfire stepped up and got the drawings stamped within a couple of days. I was super impressed.”

Louie Youssef

Cedar Valley Developments

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“I know we’re saving money by having everything coordinated under one roof by Spitfire. The thing I like most is the way they take the lead and constantly keep me in the loop.”

Brian Wells

Somerled Properties