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Louie Youssef


In my world, the time delays can become exponential.

The efficiencies Spitfire brings to the table in terms of their experience, ability to take the lead and keep people accountable, create partnerships so that everything is looked after under one roof saves a lot of time and money – and I’ve been doing it on my own for years – so I know what I’m talking about.

I know from experience that managing commercial development projects IS NOT FUN. If anyone tells you otherwise they’re lying. The Spitfire Group has learned all the ins and outs of Residential Development Projects so they have an amazing knowledge base to draw on.

Just to give you an example on a Spitfire led project; whenever there was a change to the drawings (and there were quite a few of them) – Joe and Dave made sure everyone was in the loop and timelines were adjusted accordingly. That type of transparent communication is invaluable to me.

I ran into a problem one time where an architect couldn’t approve the changes and Denis was able to help me resolve the issue within a couple of days. I really don’t know how his team did it, but needless to say I was super impressed.

3 Key Differences that
I Experienced with Spitfire…

1.They seem to have more dedicated resources and solve problems with ease.
2.They meet their deadlines (so impressive).
3.These guys care about the project as if they are owners, and gave me head space to focus on other priorities.

Client Stories

client stories
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“I call Denis ‘the fixer’, the guy who always finds a way to keep things on track. His entire team is ‘down to earth’ and really know their stuff – which translates into a stress free experience.”

Marc Ouelette


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“These guys are really fun to work with – they are true partners. There’s no BS and they really know the ‘ins & outs’ when it comes to fast tracking changes and keeping everyone accountable.”

Andre Vautour

Owner / Project Manager, NARA CONSTRUCTION