Quest Capital


Thierry Comtois

Vice President
Acquisition Development

They really live up to what they refer to as the ‘Wingman Experience’, and we would recommended them to anyone.

The first thing we noticed working with Denis and his team was the quick response time, and their ability to accommodate changes and design ideas without being cost prohibitive. We were also impressed with the level of access we had with all of the project stakeholders, and the online platforms they utilize.

Having real-time project updates and knowing who is responsible for tasks and next steps allowed us as developers to trust everything was getting done.

With our Promenade 9 project being our first multi-unit residential build, we also really appreciated the guidance and knowledge that the Spitfire team provided. They made the process easy, and anytime we encountered a surprise they were there with a solution.

The other thing that impressed the Quest Capital team was that they were invested in our project as if it was their own venture.

3 Key Differences that
I Experienced with Spitfire…

1.They coordinate everything.
2.They guided us in areas that were new to us as developers.
3.They are a one-stop-shop, amazing experience.

Client Stories

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“I call Denis ‘the fixer’, the guy who always finds a way to keep things on track. His entire team is ‘down to earth’ and really know their stuff – which translates into a stress free experience.”

Marc Ouelette


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“These guys are really fun to work with – they are true partners. There’s no BS and they really know the ‘ins & outs’ when it comes to fast tracking changes and keeping everyone accountable.”

Andre Vautour

Owner / Project Manager, NARA CONSTRUCTION