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Dartmouth, NS

Brian Wells

Director of

The biggest benefit of working with Spitfire – is you get the whole consulting package under one umbrella.

They don’t go overboard with their work, they give you everything you need in your drawings but – you don’t waste your money paying for BS.

One thing I truly value is that Spitfire gets everyone into the habit of having weekly meetings where the focus is on deadlines – and who needs to get what done. The openness and having everyone acknowledge their role as a team was amazing. I can go into their communication platforms and add something, or make a request knowing everyone has seen it – and I always have someone following up.

Think about it… “One less call. One less thing to add to your to-do list. One less headache. Multiply that over the course of designing and building a residential or commercial building.”

Working with people like Joe and Dave means I don’t have to wear as many hats – and things get done. It’s a huge value to me knowing that I have my Primary Consultant (Spitfire) out there working on my behalf. The other thing I really appreciate is that they have an architect on their team (Julie) – and she has sent us some different designs. I really like that they have that capability in-house, having to get drawings stamped by an outside architect can at times be a sore spot.

I’m a tough guy to please and these guys have earned my respect. And I know we’re saving money by having everything happening and coordinated under one roof.

3 Key Differences that
I Experienced with Spitfire…

1.They always take the lead and keep things moving.
2.They have a great way of holding people accountable.
3.They saved us time and money.

Client Stories

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“On our largest project to date (Promenade 9) Denis and his team were invaluable in terms of guidance. The thing that impressed me most, is that they pick up the phone and return calls any time of day.”

Thierry Comtois

Vice President Acquisition Development

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“These guys are really fun to work with – they are true partners. There’s no BS and they really know the ‘ins & outs’ when it comes to fast tracking changes and keeping everyone accountable.”

Andre Vautour

Owner / Project Manager, NARA CONSTRUCTION