Developers Deserve Transparency

As an integrated design, architectural and engineering team – we know based on experience that transparency fuels success and accountability. Developers (and all project stakeholders) appreciate simple communication and management platforms that help everyone understand required deliverables and responsibilities.

We believe the easier you make it for general contractors, engineers, architects, designers and developers to collaborate and problem solve under the same roof – the easier it becomes to eliminate finger pointing and what we refer to as the ‘not my problem’ mindset.

In fact when it comes to the ‘traditional way of doing’ in terms of commercial project design and architectural services – we’ve always focused on ‘rethinking the angle of approach’ in ways that create win-wins for everyone.

Rethinking the angle of
approach speaks to our
Spitfire commitment on 3 levels

1.We’re committed to helping our team and partners to work smarter.
2.We’re committed to reducing pain points for developers.
3.We’re committed to developing scalable efficiencies.

There is nothing more frustrating than wasting time by encountering the same problem over and over.

When we experience an obstacle, bottleneck or disconnect – we don’t ignore it – we find a way to fix it systemically. The processes we develop don’t just help our team internally; they allow us to scale and pass along the benefits to our clients and partners. Sometimes it means making a simple adjustment, and in other situations it requires a total mind

We work and think as one.

A team of frontline Architectural Technologists and Designers with solutions for every budget.

Down-to-earth architectural expertise bringing client driven designs to life.

An integrated team of engineers ensuring designs don’t get hung up on the ground.